Healthcare Benefits

Healthcare benefits from HMI Global Business

In an environment where companies are seeing their healthcare benefit costs outstrip inflation, year after year, our advisors deliver solutions that help organizations control costs without sacrificing quality with these efficiencies to be:

  • Proactive: We anticipate and target the challenges that a business will face in the future and solve those problems before they occur.
  • Comprehensive: We go beyond the basic needs of most companies and develop solutions that meet the financial needs of both employers and employees.
  • Precise: We get to the heart of the challenges your organization is facing and work with you to develop solutions that are most appropriate for your needs.
  • Meaningful: Effectively designed benefit plans not only control costs, they transform companies into Employers of Choice and have a very real positive impact on the lives of employees
Healthcare Benefits

About Design Benefits

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Design Benefits advisors are specialists in evaluating, negotiating with healthcare insurers and providers on behalf of our clients.


Headquartered in Hayden Lake, Idaho, Design Benefits works with companies nationwide to identify and develop the best employee benefits programs for their clients.


1.888.772.1144 toll free
1.800.207.1834 fax


Mailing Address

Design Benefits
Post Office Box 879
Hayden, Idaho 83835-0879

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Human Resources

Human resources

BRMS Benefit and Risk Management

At Design Benefits, we work with you to reduce unnecessary and inefficient workloads in the areas of your business that are often unnecessarily administratively heavy benefits, HR, payroll and compliance. 

Simplification of administration and reduction of costs time and hard expense is vital to improving your bottom line. 

Education and proper implementation of streamlined procedures and efficient tools are equally as vital to improving the quality of your HR responsibilities.

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