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If you are interested in bringing comprehensive, best-in-class solutions to your clients, it's time
to partner with us.

At design benefits, we will work with you to understand you overall business goals and those of your clients. We will create the appropriate strategic risk management and benefit plans that not only meet your and your client’s practical needs, but ties into everyone's essential business objectives.

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More than What Meets the Eye

We are much more than insurance professionals. In fact, we closely resemble a management consulting firm as much as an employee benefits firm. Before we even recommend coverage, our well-trained and experienced consultants, trainers, plan design specialists and senior advisors ascertain in the clear understanding of your business relationship, your client's goals, your client's risks, their employee benefit needs and in some cases, their higher level executive needs.

Customized Solutions

We realize that each insurance professional has individual needs, objectives and philosophies. Your clients rely on you to bring the most productive and cost effective solutions to them. With that in mind, we aim to understand your overall objectives and business dynamics to help you formulate a coverage and service strategy for your clients.

Design Benefits Online

Meticulous Foresight

We believe that risk management, employee benefits and financial planning require commensurate levels of attention, strategic preparation and successful implementation. We provide this with our goal-directed planning and implementation, whilst keeping in mind the operational aspects of your client’s business, which also includes strategic planning, efficient production, proactive sales and effective marketing.

A Stable Solution in the Ever-Changing Market

Through the years of our experience, we have learnt that it is prudent to develop and implement a plan that responds to the changing benefit environment, without compromising the solutions that are imperative to bring immediate relief to the high cost and complex benefit environment of the present day.
The future is a moving target, which will surely be influenced by the increasing regulation and ever-increasing expense.
To seek a competitive edge with partners who truly know the industry, contact our experts who can provide the competitive advantage that is so desperately needed in this complex environment.

Design Benefits Online

Why Choose Us?

  • We believe in building trust and maintaining long-term relationships with you.
  • Get valuable foresight, which is essential to sustain in a fluctuating market.
  • We bridge the gaps in your client’s risk management and benefit-planning with our comprehensive approach.
  • Protect the relationship with your clients with our high-standard services and immediately available tools.
  • Become an attractive option for your existing and incoming employees with our customizable programs.