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runner on pathDesign Benefits offers a number of national online wellness program solutions that help employers' improve their bottom line with employee health and wellness programs.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires both the right information and inspiration. Live your life to the fullest by taking steps to "live well" and ultimately adopt a lifestyle that daily encourages the transforming of minds, bodies, and spirits.

More than ever employer groups need solutions to help rein in the cost of avoidable health risks like diabetes for example - Poor diet and lack of exercise has left 66% of U.S. adults overweight. This epidemic alone has cost U.S. companies an estimated $12.7 billion annually and has recorded higher employee absenteeism and lower productivity.

"The damage caused by obesity is clear -- employers face growing costs for insurance premiums, as well as lost productivity, and employees face serious work and health concerns," said Robin Hertz, Ph.D., Senior Director of Population Studies at Pfizer Inc and author of the study. "So it is worthwhile -- and in their own interest -- for employers to implement workplace health programs to encourage healthy eating habits and exercise. And employees should welcome an environment that is conducive to healthy living and positive support"

A wellness program makes an impact on health care costs and productivity by saving valuable dollars for the employer and protecting premium dollars for the health plan.

Select programs provide an interactive health and wellness experience that engages employees and their families in activities promoting fitness strategies, nutritional programs, lifestyle mentoring and personal development programs.

Program members receive a personal health risk assessment and a customized wellness plan along with motivational tools and services designed to help them achieve their personal health related goals.

Members are provided with an easy to understand view of their plan that creates a positive motivating environment that encourages them to continue to use their program.

With a turnkey online wellness program, employers create a culture of wellness that improves employee morale and productivity. Through a series of reports, employers are able to quantify improved employee health measured by a reduction in absenteeism, short term disability claims and lower health care costs.

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