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EmployeesWe are sure you know you have many more HR responsibilities than simply paying your employees. If you are like many employers, you may not be exactly clear on what those responsibilities are and what those responsibilities entail. If you are trying to navigate this confusing maze alone, you could be putting your company and your employees at risk, unnecessarily.

Many companies do not recognize the vital role of Human Resources, until a crisis occurs. They don't realize the complexities, rules and compliances that are dealt with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of these missed responsibilities snare even the most well-meaning employers. Good intentions just cannot save an employer from this incredibly demanding and regulated environment in which we all do business.

At Design Benefits, we work with you to reduce unnecessary and inefficient workloads in the areas of your business that are often unnecessarily administratively heavy benefits, HR, payroll and compliance. Simplification of administration and reduction of costs time and hard expense is vital to improving your bottom line. Education and proper implementation of streamlined procedures and efficient tools are equally as vital to improving the quality of your HR responsibilities.


The Virtual Benefits Administration System (Vbas®) to helps Human Resource and Employee Benefits Executives control healthcare costs by analyzing and reducing risk, developing custom plans, automating enrollment and data management, and performing claims administration and medical management services.

Some of the more commonly addressed areas, using efficient technology and retained partnerships to reduce costs and improve the overall internal structure, are:

  • Effective Programs to Minimize Exposure and Avoid Costly Compliance Mistakes
  • Legislative Updating and Evaluating of Compliance Requirements
  • Streamlined Employee Benefit Enrollment
  • Blueprinting Effective Human Resource Strategies and Processes
  • Comprehensive and Timely COBRA Administration
  • Expense Efficient Payroll Administration
  • Consolidated Billing Administration
  • Employee Communication Sequencing
  • Illustration of Total Compensation
  • Performance Driven Compensation and Benefit Program Design

Design Benefits consultants and industry partnerships are utilized to streamline your benefit, HR and administrative processes. There is no need to be overwhelmed by the complication and extensive workloads. We encourage you to take advantage of your

Design Benefits Group relationship and protect the business you have built.

It is sometimes hard to look at the future, when the present is so busy and consuming. However, those who live comfortably, in their later years, usually share this in common they planned for their long-term financial health. It is never too late for your employees to start planning for their futures nor is too early. Establishing proper retirement planning strategies and vehicles, for your employees is satisfying, enlightening and incredibly valuable today, and tomorrow.

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