US RX Care Client Services

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Our team of health professionals who has served the prescription needs of over four million Americans since the middle 1990's.

Client Service

Our Program works with a variety of customers including:

  • Medium to Large Health Insurers
  • Large Employers
  • Union Health & Welfare Plans
  • State & Federal Government Health Plans

Smooth Transition

The US-RxCare Program has received the highest ratings from new members and plan administrators for ease of transition our pharmacy benefit plans.

Convenient Nationwide Access to Pharmacies

We are able to offer members one of the nation's largest pharmacy networks, with over 65,000 participating retail pharmacies nationwide. The network includes all major chains and most independent pharmacies, thus convenient access to local pharmacies is assured whether at home or away. 90-day convenient home delivery for supplies is wraps around the services we provide.

24/7/365 Customer Service

Have a question? Members can call customer support at any time day or night to answer questions, verify eligibility, or help your pharmacist with any claims processing needs.

Member Resource Center On Line

All members can access helpful benefits information and medication histories conveniently on-line. The US-RxCare Member Resource Center offers secure, confidential, and real-time access to:

  • Multiple years' history for dispensed medications.
  • Drug specific copay and coinsurance information look-ups.
  • Printable explanation of benefits statements.
  • Educational tools and resources for prescription and over-the-counter medications and more.
  • Participating pharmacy search by city or zip code.

Unlike any pharmacy benefit offered anywhere in the country, the US-RxCare program provides you exclusive, unlimited access to consulting pharmacists whose mission is to identify opportunities for you and/or your family members to minimize out-of-pocket costs on your prescription medications. They can answer or research any medication or drug benefit questions you may have as well. All consultations are 100% confidential, and since integrated under the drug benefit plan, consultants are able to access your historical pharmacy dispensing re¬cords electronically.

man woman and child

With your doctor's blessing, you are always assured that any cost savings opportunity the US-RxCare team identifies will satisfy your health care needs. Prescribing doctors approve US-RxCare recommendations a majority of the time.

If you get a call from a consultant, it means they have identified a savings opportunity for you. The quicker you take advantage of any possible savings, the more savings you receive.

You can also proactively call the consultant hot line to complete a medication review or to inquire about a new drug prescribed by a doctor.

US-RxCare consultants have helped thousands of individuals and families keep their out-of-pocket costs well below the national average for prescription drugs. This program is a FREE service for plan participants.

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