Prescription Services Overview

About the US-RxCare Programs

Our "Pharmacy Benefits Risk Management" provides services to a wide range of clients exposed to pharmacy risk as well as "Therapeutic Alternative Prescription Savings" program administration. Our experience is well-earned with two decades of service to more than 4 million lives and over $50 million in drug cost savings enjoyed by our clients. HMI Rx Service provider's expertise includes all aspects of pharmacy management including exceptional savings on specialty pharmaceuticals such as cancer, arthritis, and infusion therapies.

Our pharmacy services provider goes far beyond traditional Pharmacy Benefit Administration models, by actually engaging in the management of pharmacy risk for our clients. Our methods not only produce sustainable cost reductions per member per month, but plan beneficiaries (members and dependents) typically enjoy out-of-pocket savings of 30% or more as well.

Services are provided to clients in three primary ways:

  • Contract Risk Management:   Helps clients manage their pharmacy risk on a flat rate or performance basis for those that also use a PBM for pharmacy network and benefit plan administration.
  • Benefits and Risk Management:   Will provide all claims and benefits administration functions typically performed by the PBM industry, while also managing pharmacy risk. In this case, our clients are able to cap, and thus fix their, monthly expenditures per member per month for pharmacy benefits without any changes in benefit design.
  • Right Rx System License: Managed care organizations utilize proprietary, web-based, pharmacy risk management system to more effectively and efficiently manage pharmacy risk. The Right Rx pharmacy risk management system is the same tool   utilized internally to successfully manage pharmacy risk for clients.

Our "Pharmacy Benefits Risk Management" clients typically enjoy a 4 to 1 or greater return on investment in the form of easily-measured, real dollar cost savings.

Our unique approach to benefit management represents a significant change from methods and practices typically employed by pharmacy benefit managers. With proven results, high capacity systems technology, and nation-wide pharmacy access, has the capability to serve the needs of both small and large groups anywhere.

The US-RxCare Program provides "Pharmacy Benefits Risk Management" services as well as "Therapeutic Alternative Prescription Savings" program administration. Our experience is well earned through the servicing of over 4 million lives. The US-RxCare Program limits benefit plan risk and allows cash strapped groups to control costs.

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