Healthcare Benefits & Technologies

Companies with robust benefits and effective strategies for their people are most likely to attract and retain the best, brightest and most productive employees.  They can motivate their people to accomplish lofty goals and they are most successful aligning individual goals with business objectives.

Attracting, retaining and rewarding good employees is a difficult and expensive challenge for any business.  To be attractive to prospective employees, and to be successful with existing employees, a growing company must offer a desirable package of employee benefits... those that fit the needs of today's employee and position the employer for the expectations and demands of the future.

Design, implementation and communication of all types of employer-paid and employee-paid benefits are critical to the successful participation, usage and value of those same benefits. 

Design Benefits provides you with top-notch, highly trained, experienced benefit professionals to ensure you are fully equipped to achieve your greatest success in this ever-changing benefit arena, with:

  • Access to Most Appropriate Areas of the Insurance Markets
  • Compliance
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio and Value-Added Services
  • Continuous Education and Awareness
  • Plan Design and Vendor Selection
    • Core
    • Voluntary
    • Value Added
    • Retirement Planning
  • Rate Negotiation
  • Health Reform-Ready Planning
  • Staff Expertise

Innovation, as a part of the overall Design Benefits experience, is intended to increase each individual employees understanding and appreciation of their benefits, communicate the benefits value and streamline the decision-making, enrollment and administrative processes associated with every employee benefit plan.

Releasing a Request for Proposal to the marketplace, in order to review your entire vendor options now and at renewal is standard procedure, to competitively position your benefit plan.  As we negotiate with vendors, we also review your loss history, recommend the necessary types of coverage appropriate for your risk tolerance, choose carriers that provide superior service and advise the most favorable funding mechanisms for your specific needs

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